QA & Testing

Telecom service provider environments have complex mix of commercial, open source and customized software products. Even a minor patch or upgrade to any one of these may adversely affect operation of these interdependent systems.

Given business critical nature, each release must be thoroughly tested to ensure flawless operation. A comprehensive test plan will include different tests to validate different facet of the solution.

  • Functional Testing to validate that the solution fulfills business requirements
  • Performance testing verifies that the solution is able to scale up to the expected capacity
  • Interoperability testing to ensure the solution can successfully work with other applications in the operator‘s environment
  • Security and Vulnerability Testing to find any security issues before hackers could exploit

With our deep expertise in telecom domain, our QA experts design comprehensive test cases to validate expressed and implied requirements, conformance to industry standards and best practices. We automate test cases using industry standard tools for consistent and repeatable execution.

Test Design

Test Automation

Test Execution

  • Coverage Goal Setting
  • Scenario Identification
  • Test Case and Data Design
  • Tool Configuration
  • Automation Scripting
  • Review and Refinements
  • Test Harness Setup
  • Execution and Recording
  • Defect Tracking