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Cloud infrastructure


Cloud Infrastructure

The revolutionary technical trend for businesses across all industries, has become a core component of modern ecosystem and application integration strategy.

In Cloud Services, the several components are integrated in one another into a single architectural framework. 


Services Offered in this vertical:


There are three models for cloud services viz. Infrastructure As A Service (IAAS), Software As A service (SAAS), and Platform As A Service (PAAS).

SAAS is the most widely used cloud service and leveraging internet to provide distributed applications and services.

IAAS allows the access and direct maintenance to the most cloud resources and mostly offers the in-house control.  The automated and scalable service enables the clients to buy resources as and when needed without relying on in house hardware.

PAAS is somewhat comparable to SAAS but offers a platform to create software. With our PAAS service the IT teams are able to design software without bothering with other aspects.

Multicloud Facility:

As the names suggests, the cloud approach made up of more than one cloud service is the Multicloud strategy and because of the benefits like ability to optimize the services, competitive pricing, better resilience, robust security, more than 86% of the worldwide firms have deployed it.

Orchestration and automation:

Automation- the process of performing a task with no manual intervention once configured and Orchestration- the coordination of automated tasks leading to a consolidated process or workflow; simplify and manage the cloud strategy and are perfectly executed at Mastercom.

System Integration

MasterCom delivers System Integration Services that seamlessly integrate disparate technology products and applications, including legacy platforms that can significantly reduce IT complexity,  maximize firms’ ROI while meeting the specific requirement for large solutions.

Within a specific business context, Team Mastercom, understanding the needs, discovers the most optimized solutions for the requirement. Designing the master plan for it, we implement the strategy and take it into the execution. Managed Services and end-to-end solutions are offered for the best client experience.

Managed Services

The infrastructure-ready IT partner leveraging the highly regarded services portfolio is all set to assist your business quickly adapt to the changing market and increase productivity and performance. The result-oriented, customer-centric models make us the premium Managed Service Provider with the ability to anticipate and manage change in both technology and business practices while delivering tangible and measurable benefits. We are uniquely positioned to drive cost optimization, efficiencies, and innovative IT operations.   


Offered services in the vertical:


Application Managed Services:

Amplify the application robustness through time-tested tactics, process and resources. 3D framework, complete application development service, different efficient engagement models, and next generation application maintenance and support are the services offered.

Infrastructure Managed Services: Ease the IT infrastructure landscape with the special management solutions. The changing market and business ecosystem have urged the exponential growth of IT environment within stringent compliance measures. With our Digital Workplace Services, IT service desk, Infrastructure support services, cloud management and support, cyber security, analytics and automation are some of the services for the purpose.      


What Simply Makes Us The Best:

  • L1, L2, L3 Support

  • Business Continuity Support

  • Stringent SLA Maintenance

  • ITIL Processes Followed

  • SRE Approach

  • Round the Clock Support



The rapidly changing marketing dynamics and high smartphone penetration has urged the Telecom Providers to adopt advance tactics and invest in network infrastructure for meeting the ever rising demands. In place of high cost proprietary hardware to provide network chain, the visualization and software defined networking is a very cost-effective alternative with an easier transition for different generations of technologies.

Mastercom offers a wide array of telecommunication technology services:


Network Function Virtualization refers to the computing, networking, and storing resources that can be used to build a virtualized network function. While the component describing the hardware software components on virtual network is the NFV Infrastructure. The complex technical aspects are easily & efficiently implemented.


The software components enabling a service provider to monitor, control, analyze and manage the services on the network are termed as operation support system. The implementation of the system along with the different dedicated technical modules is taken care of by Mastercom.


The group of business elements used in networking to help service providers gain customer insight, compile real-time subscriptions and introduce new revenue generating services, termed as Business Support System, is highly critical as it supports and extends operations to enhance the business services.


Internet or cellular networks operating in compliance with the fifth generation of specific network standards are termed as 5G and being on the edge of its roll out has urged the service providers to speed up the infrastructure for providing the service. The technical aspects ranging from ideating and estimating to develop and implement are handled by Mastercom in the most optimized manner.

App Modernisation

The dynamic era of IT evolution is witnessing rapid technical advancements and the products and tools require modification to keep up the pace with. The process of upgrading the legacy applications to a scalable cloud-native environment and micro services based deployments using the advanced technology stack-known as the application modernization enables the applications to meet the modern users’ expectations.

The services offered in the Application Modernization and refactoring vertical:


Micro-Services or Containerization:

Using Dockers and scalable Kubernetes clusters, the applications are containerized to easily manage, upscale, and orchestrate them. This process involves the bundling of application along with its related configuration files dependencies and libraries required to let it efficiently & securely perform across different computing environment.

Server-less Solutions:

The execution model in which the cloud provider run the server, and dynamically manages the allocation of machine resources, is efficiently managed by Team Mastercom and is highly beneficial as it eliminates the infrastructure management tasks such as server or cluster provisioning, patching, operating system maintenance, and capacity provisioning. 


CICD & DevOps:

Developing and Integrating the CICD pipelines on the basis of DevOps principles, team Mastercom automates the testing and deployment process and this way reduces the delivery time and accelerate faster time to market.

App Refactoring

Without changing the intended functions, Team Mastercom restructures the existing application code & improves the performance, readability, portability for a better client experience. With Canary Deployment,Blue-green deployment practices our expert team also seamlessly migrate the existing applications from any environment to cloud while reducing the disruption and downtime

App Development

Well known to craft the most creative, intuitive, and bug-free applications with superior functionality, the personalized apps for the preferential needs, developed by MasterCom, are engineered to support your business operations and the growth of your organization.  

With the latest technologies like Angular Web Framework, Node, Python, PHP; we proceed with the systematic result-oriented and customer-centric approach of DevOps, CICD, Agile methodologies to come up with the most efficient and optimized solution best suiting the needs.  


MasterCom offers the full line of full-fledged application development service ranging from envisaging the concept to the implementation of the application and its process. We have a flexible engagement model to work the way best-suited for you. 


We create flexible desktop, web, mobile, cloud, native, cross-platform, enterprise, and consumer applications. We follow a four phase approach of Discovery, Ideation, Design and Validation to ensure best in class User Experience is achieved.

Custom Solutions:

In the current environment where every enterprise strives to be unique and competitive, enterprises look for extreme customization to the COTS based solution. Additionally, they want to tailor the products to align with their Business processes and their approach. We bring in our domain and technology skills to understand the specific needs and customize as needed.


Product Development

In the ever changing business scenarios and expectation, we have often come across scenarios where existing COTS based products are unable to meet the required expectation. In unique situations like these, we have architected and developed Products for such enterprises and brought to life their idea or vision.


Given the fast pace nature of the industries, very often Customers find themselves in scenarios where they need to quickly adopt newer technologies or solutions which puts them in a position to move from one large system to another.

We provide Migration Services depending on the varying needs of businesses keeping in mind technology transformation, data migration, integrations, platform, processes & IT strategy.

System integration
Managaed Services
Telecom & NFV
App Modernisation
App development
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