App Modernisation

Rapid technological improvements are being seen in the golden era of IT evolution requiring tools and products to be modified and stay up to date. Application modernisation, the process of converting old applications to a scalable cloud-native environment. Microservices-based deployments utilising a cutting-edge technology stack, enables the applications to satisfy the demands of contemporary users.

We help you move the underlying resources for your apps in their current state from your on-premises data centre to the cloud. We’ll decide which applications need to be moved, and our expert migration team will choose the best migration plan. You may quickly experience lower costs in the application modernization process, boost security, and enhance dependability.

Micro-Services or Containerization

MasterCom builds containerized applications that are simple to maintain, scale, and orchestrate using Dockers and scalable Kubernetes clusters. This procedure comprises bundling an application with all the necessary configuration files, dependencies, and libraries to operate effectively and safely in various computing environments.

With containerized microservices, we guarantee that your business is prepared for the cloud in the future.

CICD & DevOps

Our team has extensive expertise in creating architecture for all sizes and applications of IT systems. We make use of the most recent DevOps-based technologies and tools. CI/CD is a technique for delivering applications to clients continuously. As a result, we can conduct automated tests each time the code is changed, allowing us to identify hidden flaws and correct them while saving you time and money. By utilising CI/CD, we can release new features more frequently while delivering a product that your business requires.

App Refactoring

Your code may deteriorate when you modify and add new features to your mobile app over time. While your programme might work well, the utility of your code might go down since updates and shortcuts add needless complexity and inefficiencies to the code. 

Refactoring is crucial to reorganizing your existing code without altering its function. Refactoring can aid in problem identification and code simplification, increasing developer productivity and facilitating the maintenance of new features.