Cloud Infrastructure

We design and implement cloud infrastructure for your business. Cloud infra can be built on private or public cloud and a combination of the two or hybrid cloud.

Cloud infra allows seamless scaling up of services and lowers the cost of IT infra. Cloud also offers integration of various server functionality onto cloud infra. Cloud infra requires minimal maintenance and with near 100% uptime.

IaaS, SaaS & PaaS

The services’ extraordinary scalability and elasticity are major factors in enterprises’ move to cloud computing. This implies that you can easily and rapidly improve or reduce your services, storage, bandwidth, etc. This is particularly true for businesses that are expanding quickly, seasonal businesses, or businesses with other changing computing needs.

MasterCom helps build IaaS cloud services that will give you virtual networking and storage as an alternative to local infrastructure, having a cost advantage. Businesses can pay as they go and upgrade or downgrade their online services as required.

MasterCom helps set up SaaS cloud services that will give your business multiple billing options, helping reduce significant management bandwidth towards IT infra and software.

MasterCom helps set-up PaaS or platform as a service. This will help quick development of MVP and go-to-market saving time and cost.

Automation & Orchestration

Many businesses face external threats that need quick responses. Being nimble and agile helps quick reactions. MasterCom helps build automation and orchestrate the availability of multiple functionalities seamlessly. Building automation and orchestration into your business process can significantly cut the time to launch new services or modify existing lines of code.

Multi-Cloud Facility

An efficient multi-cloud strategy can give firms unmatched digital dexterity. Multi-cloud setups can also accelerate custom web application development and delivery. Our multi-cloud approach reduces the cost of integrating clouds into your current IT system while providing you with a high-speed, low-latency infrastructure.