Managed Services

MasterCom will manage IT services, giving you unmatched reliability. We will also provide technical advisory on changing IT needs. We will manage, upgrade and maintain your IT infra. Our managed IT services have been supporting enterprises from various industries for over a decade.

Application Managed Services

To maintain proper application performance and prevent downtimes, our team of application management experts constantly monitor, diagnose, detect, and resolve application issues. Our troubleshooting specialists solve issues, including troubleshooting, request processing lags, runtime problems, and resource availability, among other things that could prevent an application from performing as intended. We optimise your applications through a thorough assessment process by shifting corporate needs, regulations, and policies.

We have deployed best-in-class application monitoring tools like Instana, Dynatrace, Datadog, Appdynamics, and Newrelic.

MasterCom will ensure that your applications are updated with new versions as required.

Infrastructure Managed Services

We can manage your IT infrastructure through an IT service desk, Infrastructure support services, cloud management, support, analytics, and automation. We use tools like Turbonomic, vRO, and Dynatrace.

What Provide:

  1. L1, L2, L3 Support
  2. Business Continuity Support
  3. Stringent SLA Maintenance
  4. ITIL Process
  5. SRE Approach & round-the-clock support.